Welcome to our digital farm

Today, digital infrastructure is growing rapidly and is at a point where we can gather disparate data from around the world to help us make better decisions, correlations, and predictions. This in turn allows us to create better and smarter automated systems through techniques, such as machine learning. One industry where this is applicable is agriculture, and this is what is being featured here.

With just a few simple sensors and a relatively small, connected network, we have created an automated hydroponics growing system. Our system connects 20 plants to a central machine-learning server, which, over time, monitors all of the plants’ growth in relation to several controllable, environmental factors. Once enough data is gathered, the machine learning system will anticipate the needs of each plant to promote as much growth as possible. Each unit is its own contained growing environment that will automatically sustain the growth of a plant.

Each unit has sensors to regulate the pH and nutrients of the water delivered to the plants, and over time, it will send growth data to a central machine-learning system where the needs of each plant is anticipated to promote as much growth as possible.

With a system like this, a variety of industries, not just agriculture, can benefit from the wealth of data being collected by connected networks. This is just the first step…


Infosys is going to CHI!

Join us at the premier conference for human-computer interaction: a place to learn what is new and next in technologies that help people think, create and collaborate.


There are many incredible speakers, technologies and demonstrations at CHI. As the Hero Sponsor for the event, Infosys is particularly looking forward to these highlights:

  • Don’t miss Infosys CEO Dr. Vishal Sikka in conversation with legendary computing pioneer Alan Kay on Thursday, May 12 at 8:30 am.
  • Our booth will showcase some of our latest projects in Educable Real-Time Automated Hydroponics (think machine learning for plants), Virtual Reality, Seeing Spaces and more.
  • Our recruiters will be on hand hiring for roles in many domains, including consulting, design, digital experiences, engineering, robotics and beyond.
  • Share your message of support for women in technology at our #SitWithMe stand
  • Drop off your CV, business card or tag @infosys in your social media post to go into the running for an adorable voice-controlled droid!